Louisville, CO:  ALLEN Company has recently confirmed a strategic agreement with shooting industry personality Kristy Titus, where she will serve as a trusted brand ambassador for the 2021 calendar year.

This brand ambassador agreement will pertain to shooting and hunting products represented by the ALLEN brand and related sub-brands including; EZ-AIM™, Vanish™ and TAC Six™

“Kristy’s shooting industry and hunting experience resume is extremely impressive,” states Doug Jenner ALLEN Vice-President of Sales and Marketing.  “From a shooting market perspective, she is someone that puts herself out-front of an issue and from a hunting perspective, she was raised roaming the Oregon backcountry.  Because of these personal experiences, I can’t think of anyone qualified better to represent the ALLEN brand to the consumer market.” 

About Kristy Titus:

Born and Raised in Oregon, Kristy was raised leading a pack string of mules into the backcountry of Oregon, experiencing the thrill of public land, fair chase, do-it-yourself western big game hunting. She is passionate in the support of wildlife and habitat conservation, serving as an Ambassador for The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Safari Club International.

Kristy is a Second Amendment advocate serving on the National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors, the NRA Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Committee and the NRA Youth Programs Committee. She is an NRA certified Basic Pistol Instructor, Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor and Range Safety Officer. Kristy is a competitive shooter on Team Ruger, participating in the Precision Rifle Series and National Rifle League Series.

She hosts and produces Pursue The Wild, a digital series airing on Facebook, YouTube and Amazon TV. In her series, Kristy is educating viewers while inspiring movements that broaden the reach of conservation and strengthen support of the Second Amendment and increase shooting sports participation. Kristy is an outspoken Second Amendment advocate that has dedicated her life to teaching and promoting firearms, conservation and hunting.

Kristy serves as a brand ambassador for other notable outdoor market brands including; Ruger® firearms, Hornady® ammunition, Nightforce® optics, Girls with Guns® lifestyle gear and conservation organizations RMEF®, SCI® and NRA®. Continue to watch ALLEN social media channels and evolving digital content for more stories and information

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Kristy Titus with Bull Elk, Ruger Rifle and ALLEN sling