Louisville, CO:  While new product introductions from other companies slowed in 2021, ALLEN Company once again executed another large product launch by introducing 110 new items to the shooting, hunting and outdoor categories. 

Using their stable of both internal and licensed consumer identity brands, these new product introductions reflect products within the ALLEN, EZ-Aim™, Girls with Guns®, Krome™, Ruger®, Vanish™, Terrain, Titan, K’Netix and TAC Six brands.  These new brands represent a transformation of market strategy using specialty branded themes in key product categories to present a targeted image concept to specific user groups.  These collective brand themes allow trade customers to utilize the ALLEN product platform as a singular manufacturer serving a broader array of product category needs.

The 2021 product innovations are summarized below:   

EZ-Aim Target Systems:

  • Hardrock AR500 Steel Centerfire Spinner Targets
  • Custom Target Systems Quick-set Steel Target Stand and Rubber Strap Gong Hanging Kit
  • Deflector Steel Silhouette and Steel Spinner Kits
  • EZ-Range Portable Target Stand Kit
  • EZ-Aim Corrugate Target Kits
  • EZ-Aim Adhesive Splash Targets 100 Bulk Counts

Recoil Reducing Shooting Rests:

  • 2 Recoil Reducing Shooting Rests Constructed of Metal and Polymer

Girls with Guns Licensed Gear:

  • Concealed Casual Purses and Lifestyle Totes
  • Lifestyle Backpacks and Range Gear
  • Long Gun and Handgun Cases
  • Eye and Ear Protection

Trap and Skeet Range Essentials:

  • Competitor Series Showcasing Modern Molded Styling and Unique Features
  • Triumph Series Boasting Rugged Design Requirements Using Tough Ripstop Exteriors
  • Rival Series Offering a Traditional Look and Feel Using a Soft, Carhartt-like Fabric Texture

Gun Cases:

  • Patriot Limited-edition Series of Rifle, Handgun and Tactical Gun Cases, Made in the USA, Using a Contemporary Patriotic Visual Theme
  • Auto-fit 2.0 Handgun Cases with Improved Fit Footprint to Accommodate More Handgun Sizes
  • Torrey Handgun Cases with Sleek Side-Zip Compartmentalization
  • Ruger® American 46in. Rifle Case   
  • Plata 50in Rifle Case for Precision Rifles
  • Mossy Oak® 48in. Break Up Blaze Rifle Case for General Uses

Eye & Ear Protection:

  • 5 Passive and Electronic Muffs for Indoor and Outdoor Shooting Needs
  • 12 Metal and Polymer-framed Shooting Glasses in Fresh New Designs

Krome Gun Cleaning:

  • 4 Blow Molded Multi-Component Cleaning Kits

Ruger®-branded Products:

  • Pima Tactical Backpack
  • 2 Long Gun and Handgun Cases

TAC Six Mobile-Lifestyle Gear:

  • 2 Tactical Lifestyle Backpacks
  • Tactical Weapon Case

Archery and Crossbow:

  • Titan Crossbow Cases for Narrow Limbed Crossbows
  • Titan Bolt Decocking Head for Use on Threaded Crossbow Bolts
  • Titan Broadhead Caddy for Broadhead Storage
  • K’Netix Lumen Bow Square Tool


  • Grain Belt Agricultural Camo Pattern Available in Burlap Materials

Terrain Backpacks

  • 5 Backpack Models Showcasing New Features and Capacities

A complete digital catalog with images and product information can be accessed by clicking on this link:

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