The Aim To Help steel action target and sporting clay shoot on September 24th was an amazing event. Several hundred people gathered at the Great Guns shooting range in Nunn, Colorado where event sponsors and individuals who took part in a fundraiser and sport shooting event for anyone that registered. We all helped raise lots of money that goes to support Voices Carry a Child Advocacy Center.

First up was the steel action challenge, where there were; 5 different bays set up with various steel targets and scenarios that the shooters had to complete both quickly and accurately. Team ALLEN placed in the top half of the field, with one of the ALLEN shooters taking 5th place!

ALLEN Company supplied many of the steel targets for a couple of the stages.

The second half of the event was a sporting clays shoot where ALLEN teamed up with the guys from the local Scheels. Great Guns Sporting has a 15-station sporting clays range where each person on each team (out of 32 teams) shoots 6 to 8 clays depending on the station. The ALLEN/ Scheels team took 6th out of 32 teams, and individually the guys from Team ALLEN tied for 8th and 9th places.

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