Summer is winding down and I’ve been getting ready for the fall archery season here in Pennsylvania.  That means scouting, setting tree stands, and shooting my bow.  

My archery set-up doesn’t change much from year to year.  I’ve had the same bow, sight, and rest for the last half dozen years.  However, it seems each year I manage to lose or break an arrow or two.  Whether from missing the target during practice, or breaking it when harvesting a deer, I always need to replenish my arrow supply after a couple years.  This summer I found myself with too few arrows to fill my quiver for the season.  

I wanted to replenish with the same arrows I have been using – the Allen Company Pro Series.  But Allen Company has since discontinued that line.  They upgraded their arrows to their new Razor Series arrows.  Allen Company hooked me up and sent me a few packs of their new Razor RZ3premium carbon arrows.  

These arrows are definitely an upgrade.  At 10.2 grains per inch, they are slightly heavier than my previous arrows.  The RZ32 arrows also come standard with Blazer vanes and have a 350 spine.  The .003 straightness is in line with many of the higher-end arrows on the market.  The better the straightness, the more consistent the arrows are from shot to shot.  Consistency is king in the world of archery.  And from my recent practice sessions in the backyard, I can attest to the consistency.  I didn’t really want to switch to a new arrow and have to adjust my sight, but I’m glad I did.  My groups got tighter at 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards. 

For my hunting set-up, I always use lighted nocks.  It makes finding an arrow in the woods significantly easier.  I found that the inner diameter of the RZ32 arrows is .244”, so for Nockturnal lighted nocks that is a size “S”.  

I use many different products from Allen Company, and I talk about them all the time.  There is a reason for that.  Allen Company offers products that have great value.  There are certainly higher quality arrows on the market, but the price tag will reflect that.  With Allen Company’s products, I get a piece of gear that is quality without breaking the bank.  As a hunter on a budget that is very important to me.  I want my dollar to go as far as possible, and Allen Company products fit that bill, especially their new RZ32 arrows.

Review by Kory Slye of Harvesting Nature