Louisville, CO:  ALLEN Company, using their hunting camo accessories brand Vanish, has recently launched a late-season camouflage pattern called “Grain Belt.”  This pattern is specially adapted to redefine the waterfowl fly zones environment near agricultural fields that have been harvested of corn, wheat, winter grasses, and sorghum crops.   

Designed with open field environments in mind, the Grain Belt camouflage pattern is most at home for waterfowl hunters using a combination of pit blinds, layout blinds and portable blind setups to catch inbound flights of ducks and geese.  The Grain Belt pattern fuses together agricultural visual elements of corn stalks, wheat spikes and stems, winter grasses and sorghum stalks.  In addition, the agricultural elements are each individually color-toned to match specific late fall/ winter tones including; golden yellows, honey yellows, harvest browns and pale beiges. 

Vanish Grain Belt camouflage is exclusively available in burlap blind making material in packaged sizes and larger bulk roles.

The Grain Belt camouflage pattern is now being shipped to online and retail channels nationwide.  

Waterfowl hunter in a blind using Grain Belt Camo
Grain Belt burlap and logo

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